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GitHub Reusable Workflows vs. Composite Actions

Posted on:January 8, 2023 at 03:46 AM

The Japanese version of this blog post is here: GitHub Reusable Workflows と Composite Actions の使い分けについて考えた - stefafafan の fa は 3 つです.

When trying out GitHub’s Composite Actions, I was a bit confused about its difference from Reusable Workflows. This blog post is about my thoughts on when and how one should use Reusable Workflows vs. Composite Actions.

Table of contents

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When and how to use one over the other

Composite Actions

Reusable Workflows

Detailed thoughts

Tell me you thoughts on this topic

My thoughts are based on me just figuring out the features on my own, so if you know other things about GitHub Reusable Workflows vs. Composite Actions, please let me know (via Twitter is fine).