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I've created a new tech blog using Astro and Vercel

Posted on:January 4, 2023 at 01:40 AM

The Japanese version of this blog post is here: Astro + Vercel で英語の技術ブログを新たに作成した - stefafafan の fa は 3 つです.

I’ve been writing blog posts using the Japanese blog service Hatena Blog, but I started to have the need of preparing another blog for English posts. Many people seem to use Medium for this, but I wanted to try out Astro so I went ahead and tried it out.

So the blog you are seeing right here is the result.

What I’ve done

  1. I found a theme called AstroPaper, so I went to its GitHub repository and generated my repository from its template.
  2. Went to Vercel and linked the previous repository I generated.
  3. Retrieved the CNAME value from Vercel to apply to my domain’s DNS.

Extremely easy.



I’ve heard sites built with Astro are fast—that does seem to be true (of course, this blog does not have much images or content yet). PageSpeed Insights results for

I was also surprised from the strong integration of Astro and Vercel. One can also use other deploy methods like GitHub Pages etc.; the documentation explains all the different methods that can be used and is very easy to follow.

Deploy your Astro Site 🚀 Astro Documentation


Vercel’s preview deployment feature seamlessly got integrated which was very convenient. Each pull request gets its own deployment and after merging to main the production deployment triggers. There isn’t anything I want to hide for this blog, so I have made the repository public.


For example for the following pull request you can see the Vercel bot commenting, and when you click the Visit Preview link it takes you to a preview of the deployment. I always check this out before merging and deploying to production. Comments from the Vercel bot

Dynamic OG image generation of AstroPaper

A few days ago I noticed AstroPaper supported dynamic OG image generation. When this is enabled, the og image of a post is generated from its content in svg format.

feat: generate dynamic og image for blog posts by satnaing · Pull Request #15 · satnaing/astro-paper

It uses the same library used by the feature introduced recently from Vercel: Satori.

Introducing OG Image Generation: Fast, dynamic social card images at the Edge – Vercel

That’s a nice feature, but according to the following post Twitter does not support svg as the OG image, so it doesn not work there which is a downside. I am looking forward to Twitter support.

Dynamic OG image generation in AstroPaper blog posts

Regarding writing technical blog posts in English

Writing a technical blog post in Japanese then translating it in English is simply tedious, but I decided to give it a try this year.

If possible, technical thoughts and finds should be shared not only to the Japanese audience but to English speaking audiences. Sometimes I feel the need to share my findings to an English speaking engineer, but only have a Japanese entry on it which is a bit inconvenient. I also just want a chance to actually use English too (I almost only use Japanese at work).

I am not sure if this blog is actually going to get any views but who knows. I am not going to go back and translate all of my Japanese entries from my blog; I will only translate technical entries written after the year 2023.